How Tunaiku Leverages Data
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Bank Amar

We appreciate Google’s move in launching the regional Google Cloud in Indonesia. Google Cloud provides the best Cloud solutions for our business, starting from the Kubernetes cluster solution with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) which allows us to manage and scale up services easily and cost-effectively. Coupled with Google Data Analytics and AI solutions that are key to providing a better customer experience

Vishal Tulsian

President Director, Amar Bank

Indonesia-based Amar Bank, which is part of the Tolaram Group and reportedly became the first Fintech bank in the country with the launch of its digital product, Tunaiku, has introduced an app-only banking service that resides completely in Google Cloud.

The app-only service uses proprietary technology provided by the bank’s Fintech division (Tunaiku).

The Challenge

The needs for Google Cloud for AI, analytics, and Big Data architecture. It’s also need a data center inside the country they operate.

The Solution

The solution is supported by FISClouds, which offers end-to-end solutions in Cloud Technologies such as Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and DevOps.

The Results

Amar Bank uses Google Cloud for AI, analytics, and Big Data architecture. The bank said that it will be making updates to the app later.

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