Cloudera Data Warehouse Migration to Google Cloud

Cloudera Migration to Google Cloud

In today’s data-driven world, enterprises face unprecedented challenges managing ever-expanding data volumes, maintaining costly on-premises infrastructure, and struggling with limited scalability.

Cloudera has been a popular choice for data management, but as businesses grow, it is essential to explore more scalable and cost-effective solutions. This whitepaper delves into the pain points experienced with Cloudera and how Google Cloud Platform (GCP), specifically BigQuery, provides a robust alternative.

We will also demonstrate how FISClouds’ accelerators for ETL conversion, Schema conversion, and Query conversion streamline the migration process, simplifying the transition from Cloudera to GCP.

The Pain Points with Cloudera

Cloudera’s on-premises infrastructure demands significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Scaling to meet increasing data demands can be challenging and expensive.

Extracting, transforming, and loading data in Cloudera can be complex and time-consuming, especially for large datasets and frequent data updates.

Managing Cloudera’s infrastructure and clusters require dedicated resources, diverting focus from core business objectives.

Cloudera’s traditional data warehousing approach can lead to data silos and schema mismatches, hindering holistic data analysis.

As data grows, Cloudera may experience performance bottlenecks, leading to slower query processing and hampering data-driven decision-making.

BigQuery - A Scalable and Cost Effective Solution

Google Cloud Platform offers a powerful alternative to Cloudera with its fully managed and serverless data warehouse, BigQuery. Here’s how BigQuery addresses the pain points:


GCP’s pay-as-you-go model eliminates the need for large upfront investments and provides cost optimization through automatic scaling.


BigQuery scales effortlessly to handle petabytes of data, ensuring seamless performance regardless of data growth.

Simplified ETL

With BigQuery’s serverless architecture, ETL processes are simplified, accelerating data transformation and loading tasks.

Serverless Infrastructure

GCP’s serverless approach eliminates the need for infrastructure management, freeing resources for strategic initiatives.

Unified Data Model

BigQuery’s flexible schema allows the storage of semi-structured data, eliminating data silos and schema mismatch issues.

High Performance

BigQuery’s parallel processing capabilities ensure lightning-fast query performance, enabling real-time insights.

FISClouds Accelerators - Simplifying the Migration Process

FISClouds offers a suite of technical accelerators to facilitate a smooth migration from Cloudera to GCP:

ETL Conversion Accelerator

Our automated tool streamlines the migration of ETL workflows to BigQuery, reducing manual effort and ensuring data integrity.

Schema Conversion Accelerator

We provide intelligent schema mapping to transform Cloudera schemas into BigQuery-compatible structures.

Query Conversion Accelerator

FISClouds’ query conversion tool assists in translating Cloudera’s SQL queries into BigQuery-compatible syntax.

The Migration Journey with FISClouds

FISClouds conducts a comprehensive analysis of your existing Cloudera infrastructure and formulates a tailored migration plan.

Our ETL Conversion Accelerator automates data transfer and transformation from Cloudera to BigQuery, minimizing downtime.

FISClouds’ Schema Conversion Accelerator ensures seamless schema mapping for accurate data representation in BigQuery.

Our Query Conversion Accelerator refactors Cloudera queries, optimizing them for peak performance on BigQuery.

Rigorous testing and validation are conducted to ensure data accuracy and performance post-migration.

FISClouds provides post-migration support, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any post-migration concerns.

As data continues to drive business growth, migrating from Cloudera to GCP’s BigQuery becomes a strategic imperative. FISClouds, with its expertise and technical accelerators, simplifies the migration process, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of their data on Google Cloud Platform. Embrace the future with FISClouds as your trusted migration partner for a seamless, cost-effective, and high-performance Cloudera to GCP migration.

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