Case Studies

Learn how we empower and help enterprises to leverage their IT infrastructure modernization with Cloud solutions. Move towards a future-ready IT infrastructure by deploying cloud solutions that can help automate and manage critical business processes in an on-demand manner. By leveraging our expertise in cloud solutions, we will help you turn your company vision into reality!

Set up the architecture for Google Cloud using the Anthos platform slated to manage Sequis Life’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment

Migrating the core operations along with the data to the new Google Cloud in a short span of time. All the container-based workloads were migrated to GKE.

Amar Bank uses Google Cloud for AI, analytics, and Big Data architecture. It also supports AI to manage customers information and transactions

Provides Kubernetes architecture for one of the business units of Jatis Mobile called Beranda Toko to achieve effective operations by using the PAYG model

Gojek optimized efficiency by consolidating GKE clusters and adopting standardized practices. Enhanced performance, security, and operations

Migrate its mission-critical applications, including Confins, LMS, MF, SAP, and STG, to GCP infrastructure for Dev, QA, and production environments.

Guided through the entire microservices journey, from technical to DevOps implementation solutions. Established COE to ensure the adoption 

Successful completion of the re-platform project, migrating the on-premise Big Data Platform to GCP Bigquery approximately 2100 ETL

Helped identify and address potential security gaps in the cloud environment. Pose a significant risk to an organization’s data and operations.

Our Amazing Clients

Bank BCA
Sequis Life
Bank CIMB Niaga
Bank Capital
Adira Finance
Bank Amar
Bank Jago