Digital Transformation for

Startup & Digital Company

Streamline app development with Cloud state-of-the-art containers and microservices, and go from code to production in record time. Assemble your infrastructure foundation in digital business. Aim for your startup growth with a wide range of tools and platforms to manage your early-stage company. 

Solutions for startup & digital company

The quickest path to build a backend web app is on Cloud Run, a fully managed serverless platform that lets you build apps in any language and deploy in seconds.

For analytics, use BigQuery to easily gain insights from your data and securely access it to build and iterate based on customer and business feedback.

Startups love that we offer the most mature container-based cloud environment with GKE and serious value in computing with Compute Engine for building and running VMs.

Get pre-trained models, transcribe speech to text, and more with AutoML. Customize models with nearly 80% fewer lines of code versus other platforms using Vertex AI.

Leverage AI, your data, and the knowledge of the person closest to the problem to create custom, no-code applications that empower every member of every team.

Leverage the capability of managing hybrid work and collaboration with tools from Google Workspace. Get basic tools like an email provider, office solution, and meeting solution with real-time collaboration.