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FIS is fast emerging as a global leader in digital technology and transformation solutions for enterprises. FIS strongly believes in Agility, Speed and Quality which can be found in the DNA of the company. We apply constant innovation to solve customer challenges and increase business outcomes. FIS brings extensive experience in Cloud Technologies including, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and DevOps. Additionally FIS has a lot of experience in Data Analytics and Cloud Automation. FIS can help you with end-to-end solutions to solve your complex IT problems.

Public Cloud

FIS has extensive experience in helping organisations move to any public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Working with many enterprises, the engineers at FIS have become experts at designing the right Hybrid Cloud Strategy leveraging Kubernetes.


The FIS team are experts in all public and private clouds. We build a multi-cloud strategy with automation which make it seamless to switch to any cloud.

Managed Cloud Services

FIS provides end-to-end DevOps solution to its clients. Our in-house accelerators will be delivered to your team to get a jump start on DevOps.

Cloud Solutions

FIS provides 24×7 managed services which includes management of everything between Infrastructure and Applications. Our Cloud Ninjas have mastered the art of keeping the SLAs and SLOs not only under limits but also to leverage the error budgets by implementing proven SRE practices.

Cloud Strategy

FIS offers Cloud Transformation services to help migrate your legacy or monolith workloads to Cloud Native micro service architectures. FIS has extensive experience in converting monoliths to microservices and building Event Sourcing architectures at scale.

Cloud Migration

FIS offers a proven and hassle-free methodology for migrations of workloads. We provide multiple migration options including native migration for standard workloads or automated migration for complex migration projects. Our service is geared toward assisting enterprises considering migrating their myriad workloads across different infrastructure deployments.

Our Process


We strategise the best Cloud Strategy for you based on your business and compliance needs.


We Design the perfect components required for your cloud infrastructure leveraging automation.


We ensure that the infrastructure and the code that creates it are thoroughly tested using our InfraTest Framework.


We deploy your workloads using the CI/CD pipelines that are perfect for various deployment strategies like Canary, Blue Green, A/B etc.

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