Leveraging DevOps for Rapid Cloud
Migration and Containerization

Bank Jago

We were very fortunate to have FISClouds enabling us to succeed in the bank’s major milestone. Fisclouds enabled us to migrate our data and infrastructure from legacy cloud systems to the state of art GCP faster than our project had anticipated and significantly, with a practical data governance framework. They were not a mere vendor, but strong partners, and customers focused & very pleasant to work with.

Stephen Singham

Group CISO, Bank Jago

Bank Jago is a life-centric finance application that makes money management simple, collaborative and innovative, allowing you to focus on life. Jago aspires to be a strong tech-based bank embedded in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem, to fulfill the needs of the middle and mass market segment, including small and medium enterprises.

Bank Jago was running its operations on another cloud which did not meet the growing technical needs of Bank Jago. This made Bank Jago explore other alternatives and Google Cloud was a perfect match.

The Challenge

Migrating the core operations along with the data to the new Google Cloud in a short span of time.

The Solution

FISClouds worked with Bank Jago by using its Infra as Code templates which helped in quickly setting up the various components required for Bank Jago. Various automation scripts were developed for migrating the data and static assets. All the container-based workloads were migrated to Google Kubernetes Engine.

The Results

FISClouds was able to successfully migrate the operations from the other cloud platform to GCP in less than 6 months. Bank Jago is running its operations successfully in a scalable, secure, and highly available mode on Google Cloud.

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