Jatis Mobile Leverages Kubernetes
to Gain a Competitive Edge

Jatis Mobile

PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia Tbk, also known as Jatis Mobile, was founded in 2002. As a technology company, Jatis Mobile has built trust among more than 500 companies, including both multinational and national companies in various sectors like Telco, Financial, Retail, Consumer Goods, etc during its two-decade journey.

The Challenge

Jatis Mobile, a leading provider of mobile technology solutions, faced a challenge when it was tasked with preparing the technology for the “BERANDA TOKO” project while maintaining its current infrastructure costs. We provide Kubernetes technology solutions and stepped in to provide a solution that would meet Jatis Mobile’s needs.

The Solution

FISClouds migrated Jatis Mobile’s monolithic systems to Kubernetes using the PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) model. This approach allowed to pay for the resources it used. The migration was successful, and Kubernetes is now functioning efficiently for the “Beranda Toko” project. The new infrastructure has provided enhanced performance and scalability, enabling Jatis Mobile to better serve its customers.

The Results

Overall, Jatis Mobile is very pleased with the results of its migration to Kubernetes with FISClouds. The company has achieved its goals of reducing costs, improving performance, and increasing agility. Jatis Mobile is confident that its new infrastructure will help it to continue to grow and succeed in the years to come.

The PAYG model lets them pay only for resources used. “Beranda Toko” soared with enhanced performance and scalability, while Kubernetes unleashed agility, enabling rapid deployment of new applications. To top it off, security features tightened their grip, safeguarding Jatis Mobile’s valuable apps and data.

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