CIMB Niaga Achieves Major Data
Migration Feat: 100TB to BigQuery

CIMB Niaga

CIMB Niaga, majority-owned by CIMB Group, offers comprehensive conventional and Islamic banking services, including Consumer Banking, SME Banking, commercial and Corporate Banking. It prioritizes sustainability by integrating environmental, economic, social, & governance aspects into its operations while providing leading digital banking solutions.

FISClouds played a pivotal role in the successful completion of the Re-platform project, migrating the on-premise Big Data Platform to GCP Bigquery, additionally accomplishing the migration of approximately 2100 ETLs from Oracle to Cloud Data Fusion.

The Challenge

CIMB Niaga sought a cloud-based solution to aid in the modernization of their on-premise Big Data Platform, as the end of life (EOL) was drawing near. In addition, CIMB aimed to capitalize on the latest advancements in data warehousing, machine learning, and related fields.

The Solution

FISClouds suggested the implementation of GCP BigQuery as a solution for the data warehousing requirements, along with the utilization of Cloud Data Fusion to manage the execution of 2100 ETLs (Extract, Transform, and Load) process across all environments.

The Results

FISClouds successfully helped migrate the 100 TB data to GCP BigQuery which included the historical data as part of the historical migration process, as well as ETLs for scheduled data ingestion. Furthermore, FISClouds undertook the migration of all Spark Jobs from Hive/Impala to Cloud Dataproc, including the migration of both code and queries to BigQuery for these Spark Jobs

FISClouds helped CIMB Niaga migrate their on-premise Big Data Platform to GCP BigQuery, including the migration of 2100 ETLs. This modernization effort improved data processing efficiency and set the stage for future growth.

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