Blibli Strengthens Security with
Google Cloud Security Posture


Blibli is an integrated omnichannel trading ecosystem developed in Indonesia, by Indonesians, and to serve the Indonesian people. We are highly committed to improving the shopping experience and meeting the needs of the Indonesian people for a better life.

FISClouds’ expertise helped Blibli identify and address potential security gaps in their cloud environment. Potential security gaps in a cloud environment can pose a significant risk to an organization’s data and operations.

The Challenge

Indonesia’s leading financial services provider, PT Global Digital Niaga (Blibli), was seeking comprehensive insights into its cloud security posture to ensure the protection of sensitive customer data and business-critical assets. To address this need, the company engaged Google Cloud to conduct a Security Posture Review (SPR).

The Solution

Based on the SPR findings, Google Cloud provided PT Global Digital Niaga (Blibli) with actionable recommendations for improving its cloud security posture. These recommendations encompassed a range of measures, including implementing enhanced security controls, strengthening access management practices, and adopting a proactive approach to vulnerability patching.

The Results

Blibli promptly implemented the recommended security enhancements, resulting in a significant reduction in identified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. This improved cloud security posture has boosted the organization’s overall resilience against potential cyber threats. The SPR also served as a valuable tool for raising awareness among stakeholders about cloud security risks.

Identified critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that posed security risks. Collaborated with Blibli’s IT and security teams to develop a prioritized remediation plan. Contributed to Blibli’s efforts in improving cloud security practices and controls.

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