Gojek Drives Operational Efficiency
and Cost Savings with GKE


GO-JEK is a “super app” that allows residents in Indonesia to access products ranging from transportation, food delivery, groceries, logistics, and payments. GO-JEK technology has improved the lives of millions of people, while also empowering the informal sector and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

A company faced a challenge with its aging Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters. Making it difficult to manage. This posed a significant risk to its operations, as any downtime during a cluster upgrade could have a major impact on its business.

The Challenge

Google’s current cluster management approach, akin to snowflakes, hinders efficiency. To meet deadlines and enhance operational efficiency, a standardized and consolidated cluster approach is essential. To streamline the migration process, we partnered with 20 PDG (Product Development Group) teams. Together, we carefully orchestrated traffic migration to minimize downtime during the transition.

The Solution

By consolidating the clusters and adopting a standardized approach, we are poised to enhance the overall performance, security, and maintainability of the infrastructure. This consolidation will enable us to leverage the full potential of the latest stable version while also ensuring better resource allocation and utilization.

The Results

Gojek’s decision to consolidate GKE clusters has yielded multiple advantages, such as a standardized cluster deployment has fostered enhanced performance and bolstered security across Gojek’s infrastructure. Improve resource allocation and utilization, standardized deployment practices have streamlined operations, reducing the time and effort required to manage GKE clusters.

Gojek optimized efficiency by consolidating GKE clusters and adopting standardized practices. Enhanced performance, bolstered security, and streamlined operations resulted, in reducing time and effort in managing clusters. Strategic collaboration minimized downtime during migration, ensuring improved resource allocation and utilization.

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