Industry Solutions

Learn how wide-diverse industries engage and explore many products and possibilities with cloud solutions. Industry-specific solutions will allow you to solve the right solution tailored to your need. Unleash the power of cloud to empower your business to become more efficient, low risk, and increase revenue.

Bank & Financial Services

Computing, databases, and analytics tools for financial services as well as a security solution to meet regulatory requirements

Retail & Logistics

Analytics, operation, and collaboration tools for the retails, logistics, and supply chain solution built in the cloud

Startup & Digital Company

Build early-stage startups and grow better SaaS products with cloud solutions, scale efficiently, and ultimately grow the business.


Provide reliable hybrid teaching solutions with a more engaging learning experience. Enable technology for the next generation


Data warehousing, AI, analytics solutions, and application development for the government. Rapid discovery for public issue


Health-specific solutions to enhance the patient experience. Provide a reliable medical record database services

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