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Our Achievements in Google Cloud Platform

FISClouds are established as an emerging global company in digital infrastructure through Google Cloud Platform services. See our achievement as their trusted partner

FISClouds is Google Cloud Premier Partner

FISClouds is Google Cloud Premier Partner Level

FISclouds specialization in cloud architecture

FISClouds is specialized at Cloud Infrastructure services

FISClouds works with Anthos

First partner to deploy Anthos in GCP Indonesia Region

FISClouds is successful GKE deployment

Only partner with maximum successful GKE deployments

FISClouds is Google Cloud Premier Partner. We offer Cloud Transformation services to help migrate your legacy or monolith workloads to Cloud Native microservice architectures. FISClouds has extensive experience converting monoliths to microservices and building scale event-sourcing architectures.

Application Development

Infrastructure Modernization​

Big Data




GKE is the strength of FISClouds as the core team was the one which lead the first large-scale production deployment of k8s to Google Cloud in APAC. FISClouds engineers have pioneered the migration of applications to GKE. Our team will work with you to understand the workloads and deploy the right GKE architecture. Our automation will ensure that learning curve for your teams is minimised significantly making it really easy manage the lifecycle of the workloads deployed to GKE.

FISClouds has extensive experience helping customers modernize their infrastructure by migrating to Google Cloud. FISClouds can help you deploy Anthos and create a flexible Hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. The Google Certified Architects at FISClouds ensure that the right architecture is designed to not only solve the business challenges but also to enable quicker time-to-market by automating at every step possible.

The Certified Data Engineers at FISClouds will help you with setting up a Cloud Data Analytics platform leveraging Google’s Big Data tools like BigQuery, BigTable, etc. Depending on your current state, FISClouds will design the right architecture and with the correct connectivity. Google’s Data Cloud transforms your decision-making and turns data into action.

Google Cloud’s AI tools are armed with the best of Google’s research and technology to help developers focus exclusively on solving problems that matter. We continuously update our products so developers can trust that when using our AI tools, they’re using the best that technology has to offer. 

We offer security products that help you meet your policy, regulatory, and business objectives. The rich set of controls and capabilities we offer is always expanding. Detect, investigate, and help stop cyber threats that target your business and users before attacks result in damage or loss.

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Why Google Cloud Platform

Make smarter decisions with the leading data cloud

Fuel data-driven transformation with Google’s data cloud that is unmatched in terms of speed, scale, and security—all with AI built in. Break down silos across your operational transactions and analytical data stores to build new user experiences, derive insights at a global scale, turn data into real-time decisions, and reach everyone across your organization.

Run and build your apps, anywhere

Avoid vendor lock-in and speed up development with the first and only cloud provider with a clear multi-cloud strategy and a modern cloud infrastructure built on open source at its core. Run each workload in the place that’s right for your needs, and rely on a global network that offers 3X the throughput at half of the administration cost of any other cloud provider.

Transform how your teams collaborate

Integrate video calling, email, chat, and document collaboration in one place with Google Workspace, already known and loved by more than 3 billion users. Google Workspace is built with a zero-trust approach and comes with enterprise-grade access management, data protection, encryption, and endpoint protections built in.

Protect what’s important with advanced security tools

Help defend your data and apps against threats and fraudulent activity with the same security technology Google uses. Google keeps more people safe online than anyone else in the world—billions of users and millions of websites globally. We pioneered the zero trust model at the core of our services and our operations, and enable our customers to do the same with our broad portfolio of solutions and shared-fate approach.