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Sequis Life

Sequis team’s main task is to transform the company’s businesses into digital. By partnering with FISClouds, in setting up our Cloud Architecture and Big Data Architecture, we saved time & resources to focus on our main challenge in solving connections from our new digital platforms to legacy systems. This is a crucial step to maintain reliable, agile, and secure Digital Transformation for Sequis.

Marlin Sugama

Chief Digital Officer, Sequis Life

Sequis is the primary corporate identity that houses PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life and other businesses. Established in 1984, Sequis Life now serves Indonesian people through seven customer service centers in six cities, Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Semarang, as well as 80+ sales offices in 28 cities in Indonesia.

FISClouds helped jump-start the setup of DevOps Env and helped set up the architecture for Google Cloud using the Anthos platform slated to manage Sequis Life’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment leveraging the best practices and automation.

The Challenge

Sequis Life was looking for a solution to easily manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across on-prem and different clouds. The Sequis Innovation Lab team also wanted to leverage modern application development methods and reduce the overall time to market. Additionally keeping all the changes consistent across the board was also required.

The Solution

FISClouds proposed Anthos along with the Infra as Code, DevOps, and GitOps practices for SequisLife. Anthos helps manage various Kubernetes deployments across on-prem, GCP, and other clouds. Implementation of Anthos Config Management, Infra as Code with Terraform and GitOps enabled standardization by enforcing various policies across clusters.

The Results

FISClouds successfully helped set up the DevOps Environment and architecture for Google Cloud using the Anthos platform. In the end, the SequisLife Innovation Lab team was able to get a flexible, scalable, and highly available infrastructure which gave them the speed to innovate new products quickly and bring them to market at record speed.

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