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FISClouds is an emerging global company in digital transformation and technology solutions for enterprises. FISClouds offer modernization through infrastructure, application, data, and cyber security. become your partner in building a Scalable, Secure & Flexible Digital Infrastructure.

FISClouds brings extensive experience in Digital Transformation Technologies, Cloud Solutions, Data Analytics, and Cyber Security. Additionally, FISClouds has a lot of experience in Cloud Automation and System Integration. FISClouds is a dependable technology partner delivering quality products and services at affordable price.

Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services
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Our Services

FISClouds can help you with end-to-end solutions in digital transformation to solve your complex IT problems. With our expertise that you can rely on.

infrastructure modernization services

Infrastructure Modernization

Modernization encompasses more transformative changes to the application, infrastructure, data, and business processes to take advantage of the latest technology to advance your business.

application modernization services

Application Modernization

The apps-modernization enables the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology stack and become more reliable.

data modernization services


Modernization of the data includes technical practices, platforms, and tools to collect, process, and deliver results, as well as data analysis and governance to support data-driven business goals.

cloud security services

Cloud Security

The technology, protocols, and best practices to protect cloud computing environments, cloud applications, and data in the cloud. Including proactive security management, monitoring, and mitigation. One fully managed service.

AI/ML consulting

AI/ML Consulting

Uses advanced machine learning algorithms, designed to analyze, learn, and improve from large volumes of data. This enables to make highly accurate predictions, automate complex tasks, and optimize decision-making processes in real time.

managed cloud service

Managed Cloud

FISClouds provides 24×7 managed services which include management of Infrastructure and Applications. Our Cloud Ninjas have mastered the art of keeping the SLAs and SLOs to leverage the error budgets by implementing proven SRE practices.

Customer's Case Study

Set up the architecture for Google Cloud using the Anthos platform slated to manage Sequis Life’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment

Migrating the core operations along with the data to the new Google Cloud in a short span of time. All the container-based workloads were migrated to GKE.

Amar Bank uses Google Cloud for AI, analytics, and Big Data architecture. It also supports AI to manage customers information and transactions

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Bank BCA
Sequis Life
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