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Transform your business with our comprehensive cloud technology solutions. Our end-to-end digital infrastructure services pave the way for a brighter, more efficient future for your enterprise. Better technology, better tomorrow!

FISClouds is a Google Cloud Premier Partner

FISclouds is Google Cloud Premier Partner

Our Services

FISClouds can help you with end-to-end solutions in digital transformation to solve your complex IT problems. With our expertise that you can rely on.

infrastructure modernization services

Infrastructure Modernization

Modernization encompasses more transformative changes to the application, infrastructure, data, and business processes to take advantage of the latest technology to advance your business.

application modernization services

Application Modernization

The apps-modernization enables the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology stack and become more reliable.

data modernization services

Data Modernization

Modernization of the data includes technical practices, platforms, and tools to collect, process, and deliver results, as well as data analysis and governance to support data-driven business goals.

cloud security services

Cloud Security

The technology, protocols, and best practices to protect cloud computing environments, cloud applications, and data in the cloud. Including proactive security management, monitoring, and mitigation.

Our Capability

On Premise

Adopt and manage hybrid cloud architecture by using on premises. let us do the rest.

Private Cloud

The cloud for your own. provide high-level agility and flexibility to manage your cloud need.

Public Cloud

Shared your resources and get the most economical and cost reduction option for your cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Mitigate your risk by using hybrid cloud option. Manage the architecture by your priority.

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Tailored solution for enterprises

Start planning your digital transformation with our tailored solution based on your enterprise’s current IT infrastructure

Cloud Solution

FISClouds provides 24×7 managed services, including managing everything between Infrastructure and Applications. Our Cloud Ninjas have mastered the art of keeping the SLAs and SLOs not only under limits but also to leverage the error budgets by implementing proven SRE practices.

Cloud Strategy

FISClouds offers Cloud Transformation services to help migrate your legacy or monolith workloads to cloud-native microservice architectures. FIS has extensive experience converting monoliths to microservices and building scale event-sourcing architectures.

Cloud Migration

FISClouds offers a proven and hassle-free methodology for migrations of workloads. We provide multiple migration options including native migration or automated migration. Geared toward assisting enterprises in migrating their myriad workloads across different infrastructures.



We strategize the best Cloud Strategy for your company based on your business and tailored needs.


We Design the perfect components required for your cloud infrastructure by leveraging automation.


We ensure that the infrastructure and the code that creates it are thoroughly tested using our framework.


We deploy your workloads using the CI/CD pipelines that are perfect for various deployment strategies.

Our Amazing Clients

Bank BCA
Sequis Life
Bank CIMB Niaga
Bank Capital
Adira Finance
Bank Amar
Bank Jago

Our Expertise

Deep Expertise in Microservice Architectures thorough understanding of Monolith to Microservice Migration

Covering end to end solution with various specialized expertise engineers (Big Data, Automation, DevOps and Security)

Vast experience across many design patterns for distributed computing

Design input by very senior consultant with 20+ years of experiences